Firm Updates

Ms. Weilin Sun, Partner from Shimin Law Offices, became the member of the Taxation Research Committee of the 10th Session of Shanghai Bar Association9/8/2015

According to the decision made by the 3rd Session of the 10th President’s Conference of the 10th Council of Shanghai Bar Association, 34 business research committees (hereinafter referred to as “committee“) were established. The committees are open business development and research communities for lawyers, and are divided according to different practices and are under the instruction and supervision of the Business Research and Advisory Committee.

Between 10th June and 10th July 2015, referring to the decision by the 3rd Session of the 10th President’s Conference, the 34 business research committees from Shanghai Bar Association opened the recruitment for all the individual members. During the period, there were 1159 lawyers applying for the committee. On 11th August 2015, according to the Member List for the Business Research Committee of the 10th Session of Bar Association examined and passed by the fifth session of the 10th conference of the presidents, Ms. Weilin Sun, the lawyer from Shimin law offices was appointed as the member for the taxation research committee.

The selection of member was mainly based on the application materials submitted by candidates and the eligibilities provided in Working Rules for the Business Research Committee of Shanghai Bar Association, including the candidates’ years of practice, practical experience, practical discipline and ethics, track records in the field, works of legal documents and research results, performance during the previous business research session.